Outdoor Bench

This bench was made by Telma Carina Arcanjo Monteiro and me in our last year of school.
At the beginning of the year we were given the possibility to do a real object for our school. We thought for a while and decided that the thing that was more needed in our school was an outdoor bench.
So we did some outdoor bench research and started drawing…
The bench had to be made out of really solid and unbreakable materials so that it would last a very long time. In the end we decided we would use only concrete and metal.
We decided to do a quite simple bench that would be attached by screws to the concrete floor so that it couldn’t be moved.
The colors were concrete and a yellowish green, to contrast with the colorless surroundings.

The bench was at the end of the year presented at the school’s finalists presentation as shown on the pictures below.
And after that was put in the place me and my colleague had imagined it all year.


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