Palmipedes Pictogrames

It was a school project with the intent of teaching us (the students) how to simplify complex shapes in a way that everyone could still see the original complex shape through it.

The reason why I decided to insert every pictogram into a triangle was, the main characteristic of the animals that they have in common, their triangle-shaped footprints.
In addition to this task we were asked to throw light on 6 more attributes related to these animals: carnivore, insectivore, herbivore, piscivore, sea-water and freshwater. Obviously we had to draw them in a way that they will be of the same “family”.

Consequently, I decided to draw a rabbit for carnivore, a grasshopper for insectivore, a leaf for herbivore, a fish for piscivore, a wave for seawater and the effect of a fresh water drop.


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