Re-Branding: o universo da Rvolta

Rvolta is a recycling company whose logo was getting old.

The original logo had a very strong imagery related to the recycling circle. Therefore I imagined the new logo with the same strength but with a more up-to-date imagery. The original logo had too many colours so the new logo would have only green symbolizing eco friendliness.

It was a two-parts publicity campaign as you can see below.

The first being a kind of a ‘teaser’ to depict that this company exists, and the second to mobilize public about this revolutionary company, quite similar to the Portuguese political revolution ( a revolution without any fight or deaths), a peaceful revolution.

I redesigned: the letter-head paper, the fax paper, the company cards, paper folders, a CD, different sizes of envelopes, a flier holder, a notebook and an agenda notebook.

The company also needed merchandise promotion material that I designed and created.


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